Maintain your independence with our quality transport services.

More than just door-to-door

We deliver quality transport services that link people to the community and promote independence and inclusion. Modern, safe and reliable vehicles make up our fleet of cars, vans and buses. We provide the utmost care to our clients and treat you as we would our own families. We can take you wherever you need to go. It's more than to medical appointments! If you would like to visit a friend, go to the library, take your pet to a vet appointment, go to the hairdresser - the list is endless!

Our team of loyal staff and wonderful volunteers are community-minded individuals who are here to help. We have been serving the local community across our large geographical area for over 35 years. Thanks to Government subsidised funding we are able to provide low cost transport services to those who need it most.

How does it work? Simply call our office and speak with our friendly staff who will guide you through the steps to register as a client and book the transport you need.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can use our transport services?

Anyone! If you’re based between Stuarts Point and Port Stephens and need transport, you can use our services.

How much notice do you need for a transport booking?

As we are a scheduled service, we generally require at least two business days’ notice to secure your booking. For bookings outside of this time frame, please call our office team who can assist.

How do I become a new client?

Call our friendly team to talk through the process, we are here to assist and can advise you of the next steps to accessing our services.

For information on how to access aged care services including transport - see the FAQ below or click here.

How do I access aged care services?

If you are over 65 years of age, or over 50 years and identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, there are several government-subsidised aged care programs, for which you can apply based on your individual needs. To start the process, you will need to Register with My Aged Care (MAC).

Call MAC on 1800 200 422 between the hours of 8am-8pm Monday – Friday and 10am-2pm on Saturday or visit

My Aged Care will organise for you to complete an assessment with the Regional Assessment Service (RAS) Team at your home or over the phone.

 Your RAS assessor will ask you questions regarding your individual circumstances such as:

1)      What are you coping with independently, and what areas do you need some assistance.

2)      Any health concerns you may have.

3)      Goals you may have to improve your social connections, health, and wellbeing.

 Once you have completed your RAS assessment, your assessor will work with you to develop a plan that supports your needs.

Your assessor will then do one of two things. Either send through a referral to My Aged Care based on your preferences, where a service provider will receive your information and contact you directly to commence services. Or the assessor will generate a referral code that enables you to research service providers and make direct contact with them yourself.

If your RAS assessor believes that you would benefit from a higher level of support, they will refer to you to the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to have a comprehensive assessment for a Home Care Package (HCP).

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